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By | April 29, 2017

Water Based Kratom Extract

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Kratom extracts are a more potent form of the leaf. They have beed made popular primarily by western countries due to the large demand of new and stronger kratom products. Kratom extracts can come in a few different forms typically they are either resins, tinctures, liquids or oils. There are many ways to make kratom extracts, the most common method is an alcohol or water extraction. You can also do CO2 or acid base extractions. What gives the extract its unique properties is the method used to make it and the choice of plain leaf. Extracts are known to be much stronger than plain leaf because of the higher concentration of alkaloids per gram.

Water-Based Extracts

Water based extracts are generally graded by either 5x, 10x, 15x, 20x extracts and so on. It is important to know that the scale in which these extracts are graded do not reflect that they are X times stronger than the plain leaf from which they were made. It simply signifies the quantity of plain leaf used to make that amount of extract. For example if you made 1gram of extract from 15grams of plain leaf it would be a 15x extract. It has become popular amongst vendors and users to mix extracts with their plain leaf to make a blend. It is also quite common to see water-based extracts in capsules. Since they are stronger than plain leaf much fewer capsules are needed to create one dose.

Resin Extracts

Kratom Resin Extract

A resin extract is the purest and strongest variety of kratom extracts. It is known to retain almost 100% of the alkaloids from the plain leaf from which it was made. It is a less popular amongst the current kratom vendors and can be difficult to find. Many people are resorted to making extracts on their own. Reson extracts are also known to amplify the effects of the original strain, this is especially true for the more sedating strains.

A Word of Caution

Extracts can do wonders for people who are really suffering, it can blend with plain leaf to give the most desirable results. It also has some down sides, the continuing use of extracts has the potential to raise your tolerance to the point where you find yourself not feeling anything from plain leaf. It is important to recognize if your tolerance is becoming too high and begin to taper down your doses. With kratom less is more!

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