Canada Kratom Store [REVIEW]

By | November 4, 2018


First Impression & Order Process

Canada Kratom Store’s website is very simple and easy to use. When I first visited I was quickly able to find all the answer’s to my questions such as shipping locations and shipping times. All the products are on the homepage but there is a slide down menu where you can quickly narrow down your search.

I decided to order the 1 kilo variety pack, my 4 strains were: 1. Red Maeng Da 2. Green Maeng Da 3. Yellow Vietnam 4. 50x Black Diamond Extract. The checkout process was very easy and I received an email right away confirming my order with payment instructions. My e-transfer was quickly accepted my order was shipped out that same day. (They offer same day shipping on orders placed before 2pm EST)

Packaging and Shipping

It took about two days for me to receive my order from them. The order came in a white mailer and there was no indications that it was kratom which I liked. The actual product came in black heat sealed bags. Simple yet effective packaging. No complaints there.

Product Quality and Price

  1.  Red Maeng Da: Great sedative strain as RMD should be. I took this before bed and was asleep 20 minutes later. Felt very relaxed and definitely helped with my back pain.
  2. Green Maeng Da: I took the GMD the very next morning. It definitely gave me some energy and euphoria. Pain relief was similar to the RMD but I would say a little less.
  3. Yellow Vietnam: This strain almost seemed like a cross between a red and a green. Felt very relaxed but not so much energy. Pain relief was very good. (YV is was my favorite for the pain relief)
  4. 50X Black Diamond Extract: It is important to note with this product that 50 kg of kratom is used to make 1 kg of extract. This does not mean that is it 50x as strong. I took a very small dose to first try it and I can really understand why they are often sold out. It takes so little and it packs a punch. Very relaxing with lots of pain relief and euphoria. Definitely going to be ordering this one again.

All of Canada Kratom Store’s kratom is priced at the same rate. 1 kilo comes to $128 with free shipping. As far as I know these are the best prices in Canada.

Referrals Program

Canada Kratom Store has an awesome referral program which I have since used. Basically when you make an account you receive a referral link. If you share this link with a friend they receive $20 off their first order and you also receive a $20 coupon code.


At first I was a little skeptical of Canada Kratom Store because they were new to the scene and their prices were so good. Now I can say confidently that they are my new favorite vendor. Their kratom was fresh and potent, packaging was simple, and my user experience was great. I would strongly recommend anyone in Canada to try Canada Kratom Store.

Rating: 10/10

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